Welcome to the Switzerland Travel Mart 2017 (STM 2017)
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Welcome to the registration platform of the Switzerland Travel Mart 2017 in Davos Klosters.

Please go through the registration process carefully and fill in all required fields to make sure that all your business information will be published correctly.

Correct entry means:
- Buyers can find your profile online.
- Buyers can reserve time slots with you.
- Buyers can book your post-convention tours.
- Correct data will be published in the STM participant catalogue.

Queries? Please contact the STM-organizers at stm@switzerland.com

Important Deadlines

By April 30, 2017
All booths must be booked.

By April 30, 2017
Post-convention tours have to be sent to stm@switzerland.com

By May 31, 2017
All participants must be registered (incl. opening, closing and host destination evening).

As of June 1, 2017
Read-only access to suppliers data: your data can still be seen but not be changed anymore; changes only by the STM management.

From August 21-31, 2017
Appointments with buyers can be booked.
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